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What we do


Essex St. Cheese imports a handful of iconic European cheeses. We work directly with cheesemakers and agers to select consistently flavorful wheels and ship them to New York. We wholesale them across the USA, to great cheese shops from California to Maine, Florida to Washington



We teach about cheese whenever we can in the belief that cheesemongers who know more about their cheese—how to care for it, how to serve it, the story behind it—serve their customers better and, in the end, sell more cheese. Plus it’s just way more fun to come to work every day when you’re connected to cheese’s deep well of history. One of the great things about only importing a handful of cheeses is the know about each of them intimately. We've visited the makers and agers dozens of times. When we visit your shop we’ll set aside time to teach your cheesemongers. If we can teach a class directly to your customers, too, we’d love it.



Betty and Martin Koster of L'amuse in The Netherlands host one or two internships per year. The intern will work at L’amuse for two weeks. They will experience cheese mongering in Holland. They will visit the source of cheese and work alongside cheese makers. They’ll be part of the selection process and visit the aging rooms for L’amuse’s cheese. They’ll also be part of the wholesale business and work with L’amuse to prepare cheese for export. This is an unpaid, educational internship, though accommodations and travel within Holland are included. Cheese mongers who are customers of Essex St. Cheese and sell L’amuse cheese are welcome to apply. Contact us for an application. 



We teach your mongers formally, but we love to work directly with you behind the counter. Our embedding program places one of us at your disposal, working full shifts alongside your crew, for up to several days at a time. During that time we audit your case and recommend improvements. We teach your crew about cheese in the moment: how to care for it, how to sell it. And not just our cheese. We’ve worked at great cheese counters across America and in Europe and we’ve picked up lots of tips about other cheeses that we share. We pay our own way, of course. Embeds are limited so let us know you’re interested and we’ll work with you to schedule one.

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We want every one of our buyers and mongers to visit our cheesemakers and agers. That’s one of the reasons we keep our selection limited—so you can know all of it, intimately. Visiting the source is the best way to learn what the cheese is all about. We host a trip or two every year. Drop a note to us and we’ll work to get you on an upcoming journey.