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Essex &
L'amuse Internship

The Netherlands

The annual internship program for cheese mongers to learn about Dutch cheese in its homeland.

Essex St. Cheese puts education at the forefront of our work. We teach about cheese whenever we can in the belief that cheese mongers who know more about their cheese—how to care for it, how to serve it, the story behind it—serve their customers better. It’s also way more fun to come to work every day when you’re connected to the history of great cheese

Betty and Martin Koster run Fromagerie L’amuse in Amsterdam. Their retail shops are one of the country’s most highly regarded sources for traditional cheeses. Betty is deeply connected to great sources of cheese throughout the country, working to select, age, sell and teach about Dutch cheese.

The intern will work at L’amuse for two weeks. They will experience cheese mongering in The Netherlands. They will visit the source of cheese and work alongside cheese makers. They’ll be part of the selection process and visit the aging rooms for L’amuse’s cheese. They’ll also be part of the wholesale business and work with L’amuse to prepare cheese for export. This is an unpaid, educational internship, though accommodations and travel within The Netherlands are included.

Cheese mongers who are customers of Essex St. Cheese and sell L’amuse cheese are welcome to apply. Applications taken in the fall for internship the following spring.


2019 Application SEASON CLOSED

Jessica Lawrenz Essex L'amuse internship.jpg
The l’amuse internship has been the most comprehensive cheese experience I have had the honor of being part of.

Gouda might be one of the most recognizable cheese styles in America but sometimes quickly dismissed in the artisan arena . This deep dive into Dutch cheese production opened my eyes to how special, collaborative, and inventive the Dutch dairy industry is and that it goes far beyond just Gouda. This experience transformed the way I discuss cheeses from the Netherlands with customers and gifted me a deep affinity towards the Dutch cheese community !

Every aspect of cheese production will be explored with open arms. The people, the animals, the landscape, the food...You won’t want to come back!”
— Jessica Lawrenz, 2018 internship winner
Katie Park.jpg
The l’Amuse internship was a journey incomparable to anything I have experienced. Waxing Nylander gouda. Wrapping the most incredible butter I will ever taste. Sipping wine at the Beemster speakeasy. Selling cheese at an Amsterdam street market. Going to the old cheese market in Alkmaar. And being nibbled by these guys, the 92 sheep of Terschelling.
— Katie Park, 2017 internship winner
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You will learn a great deal about cheesemaking, of course. But it is so much more. The culture of cheesemaking in the Netherlands is beautifully creative and collaborative, led by a profoundly inviting and hardworking community of makers. Dutch dairy innovation is beyond what American consumers - or even mongers - have been led to know. You will be a part of the team during every visit. All doors will feel open to you, all practices explained and questions answered. As for personally, if you’re as lucky as I was, you will leave feeling your passions enlivened and amplified by this experience, and you will bring that energy to your work and life back home.
— Kara Chadbourne, 2017 internship winner