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Emotional Value and the Commodity Chain: The Ethos of Cheesemongering

  • Greater Richmond Convention Center 403 N 3rd St Richmond, VA 23219 (map)

A panel discussion on emotional value in the commodity supply chain at the American Cheese Society Conference in Richmond, VA. Featuring Essex St. Cheese’s Chief Educator, Rachel Juhl.

A commodity’s value is created through the social exchanges that make up the supply chain. Value continues to grow as products reach the consumer, and even after they have been purchased and eaten! The role of the cheesemonger is to ensure that this emotional value is realized for the customer - money is not the only currency we exchange when we buy and sell artisan cheese. Using anthropological concepts and the unique perspectives of three industry members, this session examines the role of retailers and distributors in creating and expressing the emotional and social value of cheese.

Admission to the American Cheese Society Conference required to attend. Buy tickets here.